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The best online place on Earth for worldview development.

We aim to cultivate an appreciation for the insights of analytic philosophy and provide individuals with the tools they need to think critically about the fundamental nature of reality. Our goal is to create a community of explorers who are committed to engaging with complex ideas, challenging assumptions, and exploring diverse perspectives.

Who Is This For?

We welcome explorers who are seeking to understand the nature of reality and our place in it, through careful analysis, constructive conversations, and a love for truth.


Idea explorers wanting a safe place to wrestle with challenging questions.


Thoughtful professionals-in-training benefiting from connections and discussions.


Anyone enjoying curiosity-driven exploration of the nature of reality.


Leaders from diverse fields seeking connection with a constructive intellectual community.


Influencers desiring to expand their impact with cutting-edge ideas.

Guides/Ministry Leaders

Group overseers looking for thoughtful content and new connections.


Teachers seeking resources for themselves and their students.

Philosophy Professors

Colleagues seeking conversations that sharpen their work and engage a wider audience.
  • The long term impact of our work together cannot be overstated.
    Prof. Joshua Rasmussen, Ph.D.
  • The culture of honor is the foundation for a strategic advancement of knowledge.
    Prof. Joshua Rasmussen, Ph.D.
  • The light of reason has no arbitrary limits.
    Prof. Joshua Rasmussen, Ph.D.

Discuss Worldview Topics

Connect with experts and peers having cutting-edge discussions on worldview topics.

Foundations of Existence

How could anything come to exist? What is the nature of fundamental reality?

Causes & Explanations

How is reality constructed? What is the deepest possible explanation of everything?


How did conscious beings arise? What is the nature of mind? Can thoughts be built from digital bits?

Building Knowledge

How can we know reality? What methods can help us uncover more truths?

What It's Like On the Inside

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About Worldview Design

Founded in 2020 by Joshua Rasmussen, Worldview Design Training Center helps lovers of truth develop their best worldview possible.

View Prof. Rasmussen's academic website at joshualrasmussen.com